5 Types of People At Concerts

5 Types of People At Concerts

The Super Fan

You will generally find the super fan drenched in tears and probably sweat too! This is from the excitement of seeing their favourite band or artist while trying to maintain their front barrier spot which they queued for from 3am that morning... but the concert doesn't start til 7pm!!!

The super fan will know every fact, every outfit, be covered in the band's merchandise and of course know every song, word for word. The super fan lives and breathes for the band or artist, probably has a tattoo stating how their idol(s) saved their life. 

The Couples

Oh dear god, the couples. These are the type of people you want to avoid at a concert. They are interlinked. They are standing and spooning. They are swaying side to side and there will be one lovey-dovey song which was made for them and that is when they take centre stage. You might find one of the couple begging to go on stage so they can propose. A big romantic proposal where they probably quote the headline act and its all very cringe. 

The one who knows their latest song

Ah yes, the person who literally just heard the artists latest song and decided to  get a ticket "just because" and generally the type of person who still has the Spotify Free trial. Definitely they type of person who when asked 'what type of music do you listen to?' they will respond with "A bit of everything really". They probably still think that Sex is on Fire is the very first single by Kings of Leon. The person will generally be harmless but a conversion about how great the latest album is will be a no go (Spotify free trial, remember?)

The one who goes "ironically" 

Have you ever been to a concert that was your guilty pleasure but you wanted to pretend to your mates that you really didn't care if you went or not? Don't lie. You definitely have! Look its okay if you went to a Britney Spears concert when you were 11, that's totally fine! Now, its 2018 and she's touring again and you're so excited that you pee your pants with excitement You're 24 years old and can't ruin your cool, edgy persona you have going, can you? CAN YOU!? So you gotta go ironically...like I did, when I went to see Busted and I Loved. Every Minute!

The Person who knew them before they were famous

I'm going to hold my hands up on this one, I was that guy who went to loads of local gigs in small pubs and clubs and eventually some bands I saw years ago actually made it big! Who'd of thunk it!? And yes, I was that guy saying "their old albums are better, they're so mainstream now!". I'm so sorry Fall Out Boy, I still love you!

Yeah, I would hate another person like me saying that they knew the band or artist before they were famous, its not like you discovered them, you just happened to like them when they were shit and no one cared. 


So there you have it, 5 Types of People at Concerts. Let's be real, you will definitely someone that fits one of these profiles. If you don't know which one you are, you're probably that last one. 

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